The Bell Tolls: Shipwrecks & Lighthouses: Volume 1 Block Island (Paperback)

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Maritime historians Professor Henry Keatts and George Farr are authors of many stirring accounts of shipwrecks. In this work they venture into the lives and homes of lightkeepers, lifesavers, and residents along the shore off which the ships sank. The authors capture the dauntless spirit of those who risked their lives and generously opened their homes to shipwreck victims. Anecdotal events detail the loss of ships and rescue attempts, not all of which succeeded. A history of lighthouse evolution supplements the description of individual lighthouses. A history of the U.S. Life-Saving Service adds an interesting sidelight. A wealth of illustrations, reflecting tireless research, breathes a seafaring spirit into this narrative of shipwrecks, lighthouses, and people. Reviews: If you're fascinated by sea tragedies and shipwrecks, The Bell Tolls is the book to read. Tales of heroism and disaster wrapped in mystery are examined and revealed in a well detailed manner that is suspenseful as well as intriguing. The Bell Tolls will go down as a classic for those of us who are captivated by the sea and those who have sailed on her. -Clive Cussler I particularly enjoyed the bits of "ancient" poetry they have included. Not only have they told the stories of many wrecks not mentioned in other maritime books, but they have an excellent selection of lighthouses. Let me compliment them on their style of writing, and I like the fact that they are not talking down to their readers--something that all too many authors seem to do. They are to be congratulated not only on their writing skills, but on their depth of both research and knowledge. The Bell Tolls: Shipwrecks & Lighthouses will be a best seller. -Frank O. Braynard, Curator, American Merchant Marine Museum, United States Merchant Marine Academy A fascinating mixture of shipwrecks, lighthouses and the people whose lives they touched and often destroyed. A must read for the armchair adventurer, diver or anyone else who has heard the siren call of the sea. -Robert Cembrola, Curator-Naval History, Naval War College Museum.

About the Author

Henry Keatts is a retired Professor of Biology & Oceanography. In addition to being widely published in his field, Keatts is the author of New England's Legacy of Shipwrecks and Field Guide to Sunken U-boats, both published by the American Merchant Marine Museum Press (United States Merchant Marine Academy), Guide to Shipwreck Diving: New York and New Jersey published by Pisces Books, and Beachcomber's Guide: From Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras published by Gulf Publishing Company. He is co-author of Complete Wreck Diving: A guide to Diving Wrecks published by Aqua Quest Publications. He is a Fellow of the prestigious Explorers Club (Manhattan, NY), an associate member of the Boston Sea Rovers, and an honorary member of the Gillman Club (Hartford, CT) and the Adirondack Underwater Explorers (Saratoga Springs, NY). He is president of the American Society of Oceanographers. George Farr is a Research Diver who retired from IBM management in 1975 with a thirst for new fields of study and involvement. That interest brought him into contact with Professor Keatts, first as a student in Keatts' Oceanography course, then as a fellow scuba diver. In addition to free-lance writing he has co-authored with Keatts the Dive into History series (Vol. 1: Warships, Vol. 2: U.S. Submarines, and Vol. 3: U-boats) published by Pisces Books.
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