Troubling Dreams: Unlocking the Door to Self-Awareness (Paperback)

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A dream that terrifies is the internal gauge that should inform the dreamer serious problems exist. However, this kind of dream can serve as a teacher/guide, revealing to the dreamer anxiety filled areas in the dreamer's life and pointing the way to solutions through the use of symbols. Symbols are the "words" and the action in the dream is the clue or the "push" toward addressing the trouble spots. Dr. Strick, reveals that through the use of dreams and their content, it is possible to access the unconscious for enlightenment and guidance. She reveals how working through one's distressing dreams can lead to taking action and create a more fulfilling future.

Troubling Dreams: Unlocking the Door to Self-Awareness explores, through eight true life stories, how to unlock the hidden meaning of troubling dreams, documents the journey from powerlessness to healing and shows how to achieve personal empowerment through the power of dream interpretation. Working through dreams alleviates depression, resolves anxiety, improves self-esteem so the dreamer can gain personal empowerment.
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ISBN: 9780882823669
ISBN-10: 0882823663
Publisher: New Horizon Press
Publication Date: October 25th, 2011
Pages: 226
Language: English