Wiccan Feng Shui: How to Arrange a Magickal Life (Paperback)

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Based upon ancient knowledge of the rhythms of the earth and the Bagua (or great circle of life), this book teaches modern readers how to map out Bagua areas in the home and organize each room to harmonize with natural forces in order to promote health, prosperity, productivity, and well-being.

In simple, straightforward terms, Wiccan High Priestess Alexandria describes the paths of earth energy, and explains how to flow with, not against, these natural currents. Each cardinal compass point is linked to associated elements, colors, and attributes.

When the associations of all directions are brought into balance, then the fifth element (spirit) manifests through the entire house. Ideas are provided for rituals, altars, and enhancements to promote Chi, or flow of energy, within every room and throughout the house. From painting a wall to dusting a houseplant, and from situating a home office to consecrating a Wealth and Prosperity area, here are easy methods of improving life through design, decoration, an placement.

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ISBN: 9780806522968
ISBN-10: 0806522968
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Publication Date: March 1st, 2002
Pages: 216
Language: English