Driving Forwards: A journey of resilience and empowerment after life-changing injury (Hardcover)

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As seen on 'Living Wild; How to Change your Life' a two-part prime-time series on Channel 4.

On the precipice of starting her adult life, aged eighteen, Sophie, a rebellious and incorrigible wild child, crashed her car and was instantly paralysed from the chest down. Rushed to hospital, everything she had dreamed for her life was instantly forgotten and her journey to rediscover herself and build a different life began. But being told she would never walk again would come to be the least of her concerns.

Over the next eighteen years, as she strived to come to terms with the change in her body, her relationships were put to the test; she has had to learn to cope with the many unexpected and unpredictable setbacks of living with paralysis; she has had to overcome her own and other people's perceptions of disability and explore the limits of her abilities, all whilst searching for love, acceptance, meaning, identity, and purpose.

Driving Forwards is a remarkable and powerful memoir, detailing Sophie's life-changing injury, her recovery, and her life since. Strikingly honest, her story is unusual and yet relatable, inspiring us to see how adversity can be channelled into opportunity and how ongoing resilience can ultimately lead to empowerment.

About the Author

Sophie is an award-winning disability advocate & social entrepreneur who was paralysed when she was eighteen years old. Determined to channel her adversity into opportunity, she sees her challenges as a unique chance for creativity and has become the ultimate agent for change.

She embodies her values; finding creative opportunity in diversity and adversity, and daring to be different, she proves the value and power of true disability representation in all areas of her work and life.

She is now one of the few television presenters with a disability in the world, and one of the few women to present an adventure travel show.
Sophie can be found presenting most live para sport events as well as hard-hitting current affairs programmes such as Dispatches and Unreported World. She is also a board member for Ofcom, the UK government-approved regulatory broadcast authority.

Sophie doesn't just talk - she enables and creates change. In everything she does, from hosting Global Disability Summits to working along ide global mega brands such as Air BnB or GoPro to open their minds to the 'disability opportunity' to travelling the world to document abuses in human rights, she lives, breathes and creates the change she wants to see in the world.

Please note that Driving Forwards is Sophie's first book - she is not the author of the Diary of a Submissive series.

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ISBN: 9780751582246
ISBN-10: 0751582247
Publisher: Sphere
Publication Date: June 21st, 2022
Pages: 304
Language: English