Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine (Paperback)

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You are a creator, lover, priestess, and healer--a multifaceted goddess with confidence, spiritual wisdom, and the power to reinvent yourself. Based on a lifetime of deep spiritual study and her firsthand experiences around the world, Katalin Koda offers an innovative way for you to bring the sacred feminine into your everyday life.

Fire of the Goddess presents nine goddess archetypes that correspond with every woman's inherent gifts and the most important facets of her life: firebearer, initiate, warrioress, healer, consort, bodhisattva, priestess, weaver, and crone. For each archetype, you'll connect with its associated goddess--Pele, Artemis, Quan Yin, Isis, and others--through inspiring exercises, the power of myth, and a sacred ceremony.

  • Form a women's circle
  • Call on your ancestors
  • Find your animal guide
  • Celebrate your sensuality
  • Open up to your inner masculine
  • Practice deep listening

Through the exploration of each goddess aspect, you will begin to discover the strength, spirituality, beauty, and authenticity of your sacred and ever-evolving self.

This is a truly wonderful literary experience that connects women to a profound aspect of themselves that is often overlooked by the modern world.--Prediction

About the Author

Katalin Jett Koda is a visionary author, tarot reader, energy healer, Reiki master, and queer mystic. She has been deeply intimate with the natural, non-human liminal worlds since she was a child. After a series of health issues, she developed clairvoyant abilities that allow her to see energy fields, guides, and helper spirits. For more than two decades Jett has taught the arts of healing, divination, tarot, and ceremony. Jett continues to receive guidance and inspiration from her ancestors, interdimensional guides, and living teachers around the world. She offers her gifts locally in Portland, Oregon, as well as globally and online. Visit her online at https: //
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ISBN: 9780738720036
ISBN-10: 0738720038
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Publication Date: July 8th, 2011
Pages: 204
Language: English