Humbled by His Presence: Meeting YHWH at the Threshing Floor (Paperback)

Humbled by His Presence: Meeting YHWH at the Threshing Floor Cover Image
By Trent Hensley (Editor), Moreh Yoshiyahu (Editor), Huldah Dauid
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As we prepare for the return of Messiah, Our Abba Yah is gathering each of us to His threshing floor, where He is separating the grain from the chaff. The pressure of the threshing floor is used to release the edible part of the grain from its hard outer shell. By reading and studying scripture you will be challenged to become sensitive to the Master's refinement process. In this 21 day devotional you will have the opportunity to get a concrete understanding of what the Father is looking for in the life of his children, and the type of relationships we are to cultivate with those around us in order to be a light in our homes and to the Nations. Through the definition of words and the sharing of stories, you will able to procure a humble heart that will produce fruit ripe for the harvest.

About the Author

Huldah is a Messianic Hebrew descendant by way of Madagascar. It is the oral tradition of her family that they were taken from Madagascar on a Dutch slave ship to Holland. It was from Holland that her family made it to North Carolina. She was raised in a traditional Christian home as a Baptist, but through the learning of her heritage and her responsibility as a Child of the Living El, she has sought to learn the Hebrew language, and reclaim the culture and customs of her ancestors. Huldah is a college graduate. She has a passion for history and Yah's chosen people (blood born and grafted). Huldah works with the women and children of The Awakening Remnant Koalition in California. She is also co-owner of Royal Roots Natural Hair and Body Products.
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ISBN: 9780692577660
ISBN-10: 0692577661
Publisher: Awakening Remnant Koalition
Publication Date: November 16th, 2015
Pages: 110
Language: English