Michael Brown Tragedy: Reaction Comparison and Aftermath (Paperback)

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The case of Michael Brown seems to raise the issue of police brutality in America. Many seem to raise the issue of race pertaining to the circumstances surrounding Michael Brown and Darren Wilson. One can notice the clear distinction of the reaction to the incident to both the white and black community. One may also take notice to the varying accounts of the incident eventually leading to the inability to indict officer Darren Wilson. One ponders what may have been if Michael and his friend Dorian did not permit the effects of marijuana to persuade their actions in the convenience store and eventual strong-arm robbery of a $48 box of cigarillos. This incident seems to play little to no role in the eventual outcome, yet perhaps Michael may have acted differently were the theft in the store not to occur. In the end, a grand jury finds the actions of Darren Wilson to be a reaction to a physical threat to one's existence leading to a defensive response and tragic outcome in the death of Michael Brown spawning the reaction of looting and rioting destroying businesses and property throughout not only Ferguson, Missouri, but also many sections of rural America.

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