At Home On the Road: A Wayfaring Couple in North America (Paperback)

At Home On the Road: A Wayfaring Couple in North America By Ilona Duncan Cover Image
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A married couple turned inquisitive nomads, retired to a converted bus, and traveled to the far reaches of North America in search of adventure, romance, and peace in nature.

Friends and family could not believe Ilona and Ian Duncan's plan in 1999. Two successful, strong-willed professionals would sell their Coral Gables home, buy a converted bus, and travel permanently? Bets were placed. How long would the Duncan marriage survive a confined 350 square-foot home on the road?

Humorous, vivid, informative, and entertaining, Ilona's memoir At Home on the Road details a two-year adventure in North America. This worldly adventuresome couple seeks wilderness and wildlife. They prefer rough country and lonely roads. Mountains, meadows, rivers, and desert become their home. And despite inevitable disputes and countless mishaps (humorous in retrospect), they discover nature's spiritual and uplifting beauty and their deep love of each other.

This book is for anyone who dreams of adventure, needs a nudge to take the risk, or simply wants to share in Ilona and Ian's journey.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578604626
ISBN-10: 0578604620
Publisher: H. Ilona Duncan
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2021
Pages: 268
Language: English