No Two Alike: Human Nature and Human Individuality (Paperback)

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"A display of scientific courage and imagination." —William Saletan, New York Times Book Review

Why do people—even identical twins reared in the same home—differ so much in personality? Armed with an inquiring mind and insights from evolutionary psychology, Judith Rich Harris sets out to solve the mystery of human individuality.

About the Author

Judith Rich Harris is an independent investigator and a former writer of textbooks in child development. She lives in New Jersey with her husband.

Praise For…

As she did in The Nurture Assumption, independent scholar Harris makes waves again with a new theory of personality to explain why no two people are alike.

— Kirkus Reviews

This is an absolute stunner of a popular science book. The author does a brilliant job of demolishing the academic psychology establishment, by questioning a fundamental assumption that was made without properly checking it—that nurture would influence personality. She does all this in a very personal, human fashion, with as much reference to the way traditional crime fiction works as to scientific research.
— Martin O'Brien - Popular Science

No Two Alike is another firecracker of a book by the woman who forced the world to rethink how we became who we are. Harris's scholarship and the persuasiveness of her arguments make this book mandatory reading for psychologists; her style, humor, and storytelling skills make it exhilarating reading for everyone.

— Steven Pinker, author of Rationality and The Better Angels of Our Nature
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