Family, Work and Quality of Life for Older People (Hardcover)

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Recent socio-economic and demographic changes, such as increasing female labour force participation, rises in the age at which children leave home and improvements in longevity are all likely to increase the number of people 'caught in the middle' - that is, individuals juggling paid work and caring responsibilities, while still supporting their own children. This is the first book in Britain to explore the changes in economic and social roles in Britain over the last 20 years and to investigate the relationship between such roles and a range of indicators of quality of life, including economic resources, health and social activities. The implications for policy makers, especially in the area of pensions and welfare benefits, are discussed.
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ISBN: 9780335215188
ISBN-10: 0335215181
Publisher: Open University Press
Publication Date: June 17th, 2008
Pages: 192
Language: English