Hebrews: The Supremacy of Christ (Paperback)

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Christ is faithful...

Follow Dr. Jeremiah through the book of Hebrews in a chapter-by-chapter study that will help you understand what it meant to the people at the time it was written, and what it means to Christians today.

The letter to the Hebrews is powerful account of Christ's supremacy and faithfulness.

The unknown author of Hebrews draws on his expansive knowledge of the Old Testament Scripture to reveal how Jesus is superior to anything the old law had to offer--how Jesus accomplished what the old covenant could not by offering himself as the one and perfect sacrifice to atone for the sins of his people.

Each of this study's twelve lessons is clearly organized to include:

  • Getting Started: An opening question to introduce you to the lesson.
  • Setting the Stage: A short reflection to explain the context of the study.
  • Exploring the Text: The Scripture reading for the lesson with related study questions.
  • Reviewing the Story: Questions to help you identify key points in the reading.
  • Applying the Message: Questions to help you apply the key ideas to their lives.
  • Reflecting on the Meaning: A closing reflection on the key teachings in the lesson.


The Jeremiah Bible Study Series captures Dr. David Jeremiah's forty-plus years of commitment in teaching the Word of God. In each study, you'll gain insights into the text, identify key stories and themes, and be challenged to apply the truths you uncover to your life. By the end of each study, you'll come away with a clear and memorable understanding of that Bible book.

Each study also contains a Leader's Guide.

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