The Deals That Made the World: Reckless Ambition, Backroom Negotiations, and the Hidden Truths of Business (Paperback)

The Deals That Made the World: Reckless Ambition, Backroom Negotiations, and the Hidden Truths of Business By Jacques Peretti Cover Image
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"Excellent. ... Impressive." Financial Times

An award-winning investigative journalist takes us inside the ten business deals that have transformed the modern world

We tend to think of our world as controlled by forces we basically understand, primarily the politicians we elect. But in The Deals That Made the World, Jacques Peretti makes a provocative and quite different argument: much of the world around us—from the food we eat to teh products we buy to the medications we take—is shaped by private negotiations and business deals few of us know about.

The Deals That Made the World takes us inside the sphere of these powerful players, examining ten groundbreaking business deals that have transformed our modern economy. Peretti reveals how corporate executives engineered an entire diet industry built on failure; how PayPal conquered online payments (and the specific behavioral science that underpins its success); and how pharmaceutical executives concocted a plan to successfully market medications to healthy people.

For twenty years, Peretti has interviewed the people behind the decisions that have altered our world, from the CEOs of multinational corporations to politicians, economists, and scientists. Drawing on his vast knowledge, Peretti reveals a host of fascinating and startling connections, from how Wall Street's actions on food commodities helped spark the Arab Spring to the link between the AIDS epidemic in 1980s San Francisco and the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. Touching upon tech, finance, artificial intelligence, and the other levers of power in a postglobalization environment, Peretti offers a compelling way to understand the last hundred years—and a suggestion of what the next hundred might hold.

An essential book for anyone seeking to understand the hidden forces that shape our modern economy, The Deals That Made the World is illuminating and surprising—and an immensely fun read.

About the Author

Jacques Peretti is an award-winning investigative reporter for the BBC and a journalist for The Guardian. His television series include The Men Who Made Us Fat, The Super-Rich and Us, and Britain’s Trillion Pound Island. He studied economics at the London School of Economics and lives in London.

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“Solid. ... Will appeal to lay readers who are interested in... developments in the business world.” — Library Journal

“Excellent. ... Impressive.” — Financial Times

“Eye-opening. ... A fascinating read.” — Financial Advisor Magazine

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